Book 15 Yard Dumpster with

BY ordering your 3 day Rental of a 15 yard Dumpster with this form, your certify that you have read and agree with the terms below:

Payments Made To:
501 South Green road unit D1
Cleveland, Ohio 44121

INCLUDED WEIGHT-Loads exceeding the included 1.5 tons (3000lbs) will be $60 per ton billed in 1/2 ton increments.
(Flat Rate Dumpsters Are Available For Construction And Demolition Debris Material Only)

OVERLOADS-All material must be within the dumpster and not sticking out above the rim around the top of the dumpster. If material must be reduced, you will be charged an additional $50 for us to wait (per hour) or $75 if we must return.
Rental Agreement: agrees to furnish the equipment (Dumpster) for collection of Junk items and Materials and to provide recycling and/or disposal service.
Customer agrees to make payment for said services according to payment terms and conditions set forth within this agreement form by

BINDING EFFECT: This Agreement is a legally binding contract on both the part of and Customer and their respective heirs, successors, and assignees in accordance with the terms and conditions put forth herein. Customer shall make payment to by credit card upon order confirmation. may impose and Customer agrees to pay a late fee for all past due payments. A late fee may not exceed the maximum allowable by applicable state law. In the event Customer fails to perform its obligation to remit payment, and payment is collected through an attorney, collection agency or other proceedings, then Customer agrees to pay in addition to the amount due, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, interests and other applicable fees.

WASTE MATERIAL: The material to be collected and disposed of by, pursuant to this Agreement, is residential Junk generated by Customer excluding hazardous materials or materials that require a hazardous or toxic license or permit to transport. Hazardous Materials shall mean any substance that is toxic, ignitable, reactive, corrosive, acidic, radioactive, volatile, highly flammable or explosive and that is regulated by any local, state or federal government. Hazardous materials include but are not restricted to asbestos, polychlorobiphenyls (“PCBs”) and petroleum.. Title to and liability for any waste excluded above shall resign with Customer and Customer expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless from and against any and all damages, penalties, fines and legalities resulting from and arising out of such waste excluded above.
RECYCLABLE MATERIAL: The material to be collected and processed by, pursuant to this Agreement, is junk generated by Customer excluding non-recyclable solid waste, putrescible waste, household garbage and hazardous materials as defined above., at its discretion, shall collect and dispose of any and all material generated by and intended to be recycled by Customer that deems and/or suspects may be contaminated with non-recyclable material and/or solid waste. See attached list of materials not accepted by

Heavy and Dense Materials:(limits apply)

•Aerosol cans
•All liquids
•Chemical products
•Computer monitors
•Contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.)
•Fluorescent tubes
•Food Waste
•Hazardous waste
Industrial waste
•Lubricating/hydraulic oil
•Medical waste
•Motor oil
•Oil filters
•Other flammable liquids
•Paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no liquids)
•Petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips
•Propane tanks
•Radioactive material
•Railroad ties
•Transmission oil


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