20 cubic yard construction material dumpster rental

By ordering your Rental of a 20 cubic yard Dumpster for construction material only with this form, you certify that you have read and agree with the terms below:

Payments Made To: Haul-My-Mess.com
501 South Green Road unit D1
Cleveland, Ohio 44121

Flat Rate Dumpsters Are Available For Construction And Demolition Debris Material Only. Any mixing of household trash, furniture, or any material not deemed construction material will revert your dumpster rental into a standard dumpster rental that will include a weight limit of 2 tons (4000lbs). Weight amounts over the 2 tons included will be charged $60 per ton after the included weight.

Please read carefully before you sign and accept the terms of the agreement.
Our company does not own the landfill or transfer station where the dumpsters are emptied.
The landfill bills our company on a weekly basis. If you exceed your weight limit, you will be notified within 1 week (5 business days) of any applicable excess weight or contaminated charges.

Extra Charges:
The same card that you reserved your dumpster with will automatically be charged if extra charges are incurred.
Extra Charges:
We may charge a $75 fee if you cancel or modify your order the day of delivery or after business hours the day before.
Extra charge:
There are weight limits on your container (7 tons 0r 14,000lbs). Any container weighing over 7 tons will not be able to be picked up by our equipment for construction and demolition debris (C&D) Waste.
Extra charge:
We charge a minimum fee of $125 for unsuccessful container pick-up or drop-off attempts. Such as, anything blocking access to pick up or drop off location: Vehicles, construction equipment, low power lines or branches, construction zones, overloaded or overweight containers, locked gates or fences, inaccessible driveways or parking lots for any reason(s) out of our control. This fee covers drivers pay, fuel, and time for re-routing the drivers planned schedule which takes an immense amount of work.
Extra charge:
1. A fee of $15 per day will apply if you exceed the established rental period.
You are responsible for scheduling the dumpster pick-up.
You must Call 1-216-799-9911 or submit a written notice via email to Mail@Haul-My-Mess.com at least 24 hours prior to your requested pickup date.
Your container can arrive ANYTIME throughout the day on the delivery date unless otherwise arranged. For all arrival, removal or any other issues you must call 216-799-9911.

* Do not load with:
- Drums, paint, solvents, chemicals, batteries, items containing Freon or materials which could be considered flammable or explosive.

- NOTE: For containers priced for C&D (construction and demolition debris) Material only—if rejected from the C&D landfill due to contamination, the container will be taken to the trash landfill & the per ton cost will be modified to the current Trash cost. There will also be an additional $75 trip fee for the driver having to come off route.

* Do not overload or place any material above the sides of the container. You will incur a $125.00 trip charge if box cannot be serviced because of overloaded conditions.
All containers must be loaded level to, or below the top of the container so that it can be covered with a tarp for legal transportation.

* The following conditions apply when loading rock, dirt, brick, or any other heavy material:
- 10yd containers may be filled ¾ to the top of the box.
- 15yd containers may be filled only half way.
- 20yd and 30yd containers can not be rented for this material due to weight limits

* Any fines due to container being overweight will be paid for by the customer.
D.O.T Regulations permit our vehicles to haul up to 7 tons, but must not to exceed 7 tons.

* Haul-My-Mess.com is not responsible for any damages to driveways, lawns, trees, or branches due to our equipment servicing your account. If delivery site is under construction or otherwise weathered, it is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the drop location to avoid damage to property and or the truck delivering the container. (Plywood, cones, flags, paint or tape off area etc.) Overhead obstructions, tight placement and dangerous or unleveled surfaces must be avoided for everyone’s safety.

* Do not force back door closed . . . complete loading only after the door has been closed and locked normally.

* Do not place any objects in front of or around the container in a way that may restrict truck access for hauling.

* Do not move container without permission from Haul-My-Mess.com. You will be held responsible for any damage to the container.
* Do not wait until container is full to call for service. Call a minimum of 24hrs in advance or establish a removal date. Your removal or switch out MUST to be scheduled into a route.
* Do not ask the driver to place container in an unsafe area or outside of an area that has already been established.
* If you need the container relocated after placement there will be a